Weapon Design

November 12, 2018 | justin

Tell me about the guns!!!

Well don’t be disappointed, but, BOTG is not a weapon fest as popularized by the FPS genre defining franchises.

When the game goes to Alpha, there will be only one weapon,eventually there will be more, but never the veritable armoury you find in PUBG or Battlefield. Still it might be interesting to share some of the characteristics of the weapon(s).


BOTG is based in the future, but not so far in the future that the problem of powering, man portable, non kinectic weapons, will have been solved. The guns in BOTG are kinetic energy weapons. So just as in Terminator, “No phase plasma rifles in the 40 watt range”.

Caseless ammunition

It is, however, entirely conceivable that ammunition will be caseless , allowing the soldier to carry a more powerful round without increasing load bearing weight. No spent cases to deal with. Yay!!


A typical infantry fireteam will carry general purpose weapons, say an M4 or an L85A2, sometimes with underbarrel grenade launchers, squad support weapons, Minimi or L86A2, and some specialist weapons for dealing with specific threats like armour or distant targets.

We have just the one weapon, but it can be equipped with an array of underbarrel attachments that enable the squad, in cooperation, to build a balanced offensive capability.

For example:

This is not an exhaustive list, and it’s a convenient way to add additional capabilities. And, perhaps, there might be in-game powerups that will multiply the effect of these specializations?


There is no long grind in BOTG, you get a standard weapon, and you can upgrade it with what you find on the battlefield.

But, upgrades in BOTG are not ‘always’ permanent additions to your weapon. When you die, you may lose them, and must scour the battlefield for replacements.

Some upgrades are even more restrictive, for example, extended magazine is one use; the upgrade doesn’t magically increase the capacity of all magazines, it’s a single high capacity magazine, once those rounds are gone, you are back to standard magazines. You do get to choose when you are going to equip it though!

We have thought long and hard about these choices and we think they provide enough variety to be interesting to players and hope that we can deliver a fast paced, frenetic game that leaves no time for finding a nice quiet spot to build the ‘new meta’.