Boots on the Ground

Boots on the Ground is a PvP FPS for 2-4 players with elements of tower defense.

A match is divided into rounds. In each round, one player get a turn as the lone defender while the other players form the attacking team. The defender constructs fortifications before fighting begins. The attackers must locate the objective before time expires.

Only the defender scores points, by killing attackers and keeping the objective safe until the end of the round. The player who scored the most during their turn as a defender wins.


During the preparation phase of a round, the defender purchases and positions fortifications to defend the objective.

Sentry Guns

Sentry Guns scan for enemies in an arc defined during placement. When an enemy is detected, the gun will open fire and track movement while the enemy is in range.


Anti-personnel mines are easy to spot, but, when placed strategically, may go unnoticed in the chaos of a firefight.


Weapons have unlimited ammunition, but must be reloaded, and some firing modes are subject to cooldown times.

The Judge

A medium caliber, fully automatic rifle with a under barrel grenade launcher.

The Jury

A medium caliber, semi-automatic rifle with a telescopic sight.

The Executioner

A light caliber, fully-automatic SMG that can ammo dump feature to fire all remaining rounds in the magazine at faster rate.


Abilities give you a temporary advantage in a fight. Abilities are subject to a cooldown time.


Reduce incoming damage.


Creating a healing zone for friendlies


On use, mark your current location. If killed, respawn with 20% health at marked location.


Temporarily disable electronic devices nearby.

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Boots on the Ground is in currently in development. You can use the links below to follow our progress, or even participate in community play testing events and discussions with the developers to influence the direction of the game.